Hillbilly Days Festival

Come enjoy the festivities and craziness of Hillbilly Days and bring the whole family! There is something for everyone with hundreds of food and craft booths, a huge carnival, and music throughout the town. Y'all will be assured of having three days of outrageous fun, food, and frolic, and don't forget to come dressed up as a Hillbilly.  Hillbilly Days offers loads of fun for all participants, but don't forget all this fun is for a good cause. For 40 years, Shriners have faithfully traveled all over the United States and Canada to help disabled children. So, when you come upon Shriners all decked out in Hillbilly garb or driving one of those modified Hillbilly limousines, remember the children whose lives are being improved. Hillbilly Days improves each year as the Shriners, the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Pike County Government, the City of Pikeville and local volunteers transform downtown Pikeville into one of the most unique festivals in the world!

Hours of Operation:
April 16, 17 & 18, 2020 - Postponed/Cancelled.
Hambley Blvd.
Pikeville KY, US